Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This and that..

So I am back, going to keep trying this.  Been trying to keep busy, filling up the large binder I have.  Plan is to actually have something of substance for Wizard World, Philly.  Plus I should get around to having some business cards made, try to schmooze a bit, make some friends, connections down there when I go.  I am seriously outside the loop there and it's no good.

On a side note, office chatter drives me nuts.  I suppose it depends on the office, I am sure there are some great ones, good times, but this one I feel like I am locked down in a hen house.  Clucking is non stop, everyone has to out do each other on how loud they can be.  When I can hear all your plans for the next week, or personal stories from when your kid took a dirt in someone's car, it certainly is time for some plugs or headphones.  I don't mind some talking but damn.

Spidey pic!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Post!

I am a man of few words, though I do have many thoughts, they just never come out on paper or typed the way I would like.  So not sure how this whole blog thing will go or if anyone will even be interested in following along on it.

I'll be posting random thoughts, sketches, unfinished or WIP art as I go, some stuff that won't end up on Deviant Art will be here so be sure to check back. :D   Now then, let's try a pic I've had sitting around, inked but never colored.