Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This and that..

So I am back, going to keep trying this.  Been trying to keep busy, filling up the large binder I have.  Plan is to actually have something of substance for Wizard World, Philly.  Plus I should get around to having some business cards made, try to schmooze a bit, make some friends, connections down there when I go.  I am seriously outside the loop there and it's no good.

On a side note, office chatter drives me nuts.  I suppose it depends on the office, I am sure there are some great ones, good times, but this one I feel like I am locked down in a hen house.  Clucking is non stop, everyone has to out do each other on how loud they can be.  When I can hear all your plans for the next week, or personal stories from when your kid took a dirt in someone's car, it certainly is time for some plugs or headphones.  I don't mind some talking but damn.

Spidey pic!

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